What if I cannot recall where I was exposed to asbestos?

It is not uncommon for a person diagnosed with mesothelioma to not immediately recall where they were exposed to asbestos particularly if they did not work with asbestos. Over the last decade we have seen the rise of “third wave” mesothelioma victims, persons exposed to asbestos outside of work because of home renovations or the work of others. 

Two out of three homes built in the period 1940 to 1983 contain asbestos fibro sheets even if only on the eaves and wet area (bathroom, laundry and kitchen). All fibro prior to 1983 contained asbestos.

There is no threshold of exposure to asbestos for the development of mesothelioma. This means you may have had a small exposure to asbestos from renovating or assisting to renovate your home or being present while renovation or building work were carried out by others such as

  • Cutting, drilling and installing fibro sheets,
  • Removing or demolishing fibro sheets
  • Sanding and painting fibro walls,
  • Sweeping up after painting work or building work
  • Shaking out and washing clothes worn during renovation or painting work.

You may have also been exposed to asbestos through the work of others such as washing a spouse or relative’s work clothes or embracing a spouse or relative when they returned from work in their work clothes.

We have acted for hundreds of persons with asbestos disease over 20 years and have accumulated knowledge, contacts and records to assist you in establishing where you were exposed to asbestos. We will come to your home or hospital and take detailed instructions and conduct research to determine your exposure to asbestos. If we cannot establish were you were exposed to asbestos, you will not be charged for any work we have carried out.