Expert Mesothelioma Compensation Lawyers with Over 26 Years of Experience.

  • Mesothelioma Help is provided by Segelov Taylor Lawyers. We are a law firm that specialises in obtaining compensation for people with mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases.
  • Our work is led by Tanya Segelov, a preeminent mesothelioma compensation lawyer since 1993.
  • We act on a no win, no fee basis in all mesothelioma and asbestos disease claims.


We are a nationally focused asbestos disease practice

Segelov Taylor provides specialist legal service to sufferers of mesothelioma and other dust diseases in all states and territories of Australia.

Most people who contract a dust disease such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, silicosis, or a dust related lung cancer are entitled to substantial compensation.

Segelov Taylor Lawyers was established by Tanya Segelov and David Taylor in 2016 to provide a specialist legal service to sufferers of asbestos and other dust diseases. Tanya and David have acted for hundreds of persons with dust diseases.


It's important to choose the right lawyer

  • We are experts in the area:  Asbestos Disease compensation is a very specialist area of law.  Using a lawyer with expertise and experience in acting for sufferers of mesothelioma is crucial.
  • We have over 26 years of experience: We have worked with sufferers of mesothelioma, and their families for many years.  We are compassionate and understand the horror of asbestos diseases.
  • We are passionate advocates for clients:  We strive to get the best outcomes for all clients as quickly, and cost effectively, and with as little stress to our clients possible.
  • You will deal with the principals of the firm:  Unlike larger firms, our matters are not handled by call centres and paralegals.


No win, no fee in all asbestos disease matters

We act on a fully funded no win, no fee basis in all asbestos disease claims.

We are only paid our fees if you are successful in obtaining compensation. You will not be charged any monies upfront. We will pay all the disbursements (monies paid out by us for such things as court fees and medical reports).

Before commencing proceedings, we will provide clear advice as to the prospects and value of any claim.  If no claim is made, you will not be charged in relation to the investigation.

We do not charge a percentage of compensation recovered. If you are successful in your claim, the defendant will pay your party costs, which normally covers 70% to 80% of your costs.  We will provide a clear costs disclosure which sets our likely costs before doing substantial work.


What our clients say about us


Experience is crucial

Segelov Taylor Lawyers principal, Tanya Segelov has acted for sufferers of asbestos disease for over 26 years.  Tanya has acted for hundreds of sufferers of mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural disease, silicosis and occupational asthma.

Over many years Tanya has built a reputation as a fierce advocate for her clients.

Tanya has run numerous leading test cases including the first verdict in Australia for a person exposed to asbestos as a result of home renovations, and acted for the late asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton in his claims for compensation.  In the last two years Tanya has obtained the largest verdicts for general damages made by judges in both Victoria and Western Australia.


How do I start the process?

The next step is to contact us about your specific situation.

We will obtain some preliminary instructions from you and advise you whether we believe we are able to assist you in your matter.

If we believe we may be able to assist you we will discuss with you the process, the terms of which we can act (including the likely costs) and the value of the claim. The case assessment may be by phone, or in person. There is no cost associated with this case assessment, nor any obligation to instruct is in your matter.