Tanya Segelov is one of the preeminent asbestos diseases lawyers in Australia.  She has acted for sufferers of asbestos disease for over 23 years.  Tanya is a fearless, compassionate litigator.

Over that time she has acted for hundreds of sufferers of mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural disease, silicosis and occupational asthma. Her significant cases include:

  • acting for the late Bernie Banton in his claims against James Hardie for his asbestos diseases.
  • obtaining the first verdict in Australia for a person exposed to asbestos as a result of home renovations;
  • acting in the first claim where CSR was held responsible for an employee of a subsidiary company;
  • running the only successful verdict in the world against an airline for a stewardess exposed to fumes; and

Tanya was part of the  legal team representing unions and asbestos support groups at the Jackson Inquiry into James Hardie. She was interviewed for the book retelling the story, Killer Company and was portrayed in the mini series Devils Dust.

In 2010 she was appointed to the Expert Advisory Panel of the Asbestos Management Review and in 2013 appointed by the Federal Government as an independent member of the Asbestos Safety Eradication Council. I have lobbied on behalf of Union and support groups for reforms to legislation affecting asbestos sufferers in New South Wales and in South Australia.

Over the last couple of years she has continued to set the standard for mesothelioma compensation in Australia.  She has:

  • resisted an attempt by James Hardie to reduce their liability where her client had been exposed to asbestos in Australia and  overseas (James Hardie sought to argue this matter all the way to the High Court but lost);
  • established the entitlement for a person dying of mesothelioma to be  cared for in a appropriate location (James Hardie had argued that they should only have to pay cheaper nursing home care)

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